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Raw glazed, once fired, slip decorated and painted earthenware is one of the traditional techniques of the peasant potters of Europe.

Working with this technique lends itself to a free approach to decoration as all stages are carried out on the wet, damp, or drying raw clay. The layers of body clay, slip, pigment and glaze will interact during application, as well as during the firing:enhanced by the unpredictable effects of the wood fired kiln.

Mark always try to work from first principles and so prepares his own clay and grinds his own pigments. Materials which have not been de-natured by industrial processing have a unique beauty, and impart their character to the work. This enables him to use those inherent qualities to advantage.

The making cycle begins with clay and wood preparation, which allows for some useful meditation on creative direction. As soon as the making has begun Mark is committed to following the pots through all the stages of production until they are glazed and ready for firing.