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I began my career with clay in 1971 as a trainee thrower at Kingwood Pottery in Hampshire, England, where I was taught by a mix of art school graduates and old time plant pot makers. At this time I also attended part of the ceramics course at Farnham Art School, which was run by Paul Barron, and a onetime pupil of Bernard Leach;Henry Hammond . Here I gained a wider view of the world of clay.

My present workshop was established in 1982, and for ten years I made terracotta garden pots and slip decorated earthenware. I also built my large wood-fired kiln.

After a year spent working in New Zealand in the early nineties,  I returned to England, and continued potting  with more emphasis on glazed slipware, and more recently soda glazed stoneware, which now constitutes the major part of my production.                                      

My work is a continuing exploration of the potential of wood-fired ceramics, with the aesthetic and technical challenges of the medium creating a constant evolution of style and making practice.

Current work consists of wheel thrown or slab built oneoff vessels, large jars, plant pots for interiors, and functional pots.

I have exhibited widely in the UK and in France, and examples of my work can be found in private and public collections  including the Fitzwilliam Museum Cambridge.




Windowsil pot soda glazed